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jims organised pen the unsaid

The Economics Club, E-360organized a group discussion and personal interview for recruiting first year students in the economics club. All the students from 1st year BBA,BCA, MCA, Eco Hons were part of the unambiguous process.


1.    To recruit suitable students to be the part of the economics club.


The event started at12:30 p.m. with Ms. Mansi Madan and Dr. Navneet Joshi as the panelists who presided over the group discussions and personal interviews. First and foremost all the participants were enlightened with the rules and regulations and with the purpose of conducting the recruitment process.  The event was conducting in two phases, the first was group discussion in which the panelist wanted to analyze the thought process of the participants and afterwards students would be selected for personal interviews to assess them individually.

The first group inclusive of six students was called for the group discussion and the topic for the group was “Artificial Intelligence”. All the students tried to portray their views on the topic as definitely as they could. At the end of the group discussion all the students concluded their thoughts in less than one minute. Afterwards the second group including six students was called and their topic for group discussion was “Cashless Society- Boon or Bane”. The students tried to deliver their thoughts and feelings about the topic, all the participants concluded that cashless society is a boon at the end of the discussion. The participants were given one minute each to summaries their views for the same. Altogether 9students were selected after the group discussion process for the personal interview. In which the panelists asked the participants about themselves and why they want to be the part of the economics club and also the reasons for recruiting them. The participants showed tremendous communication skills and enthusiasm for joining the economics club.

To end the process coordinators of the club proposed vote of thanks. Overall the recruitment process was successful and well coordinated under the guidance of Ms. Mansi Madan and Dr. Navneet Joshi, faculty club coordinators.

Learning Outcome:

a)     The students were enlightened with the norms of group discussion and personal interview.

b)    Economics club was able to recruit some of the most condign students as the part of the club.