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jims organised Understanding corporate expectation

TheDepartment of Information Technology, JIMS Rohini Sector 5 organized an onlineAlumni interactive Session on "Understanding Corporate Expectations "on 12/02/2022, 2pm -3 pm for MCA students. .  90 students attendedthe session using Zoom link The resource person for the session was Ms.Reena.

Throughoutthe session, the students were given valuable tips about how to prepare for andface the interviews. It was a wonderful session wherein the speaker talked abouther experience as an MCA student going through the placement procedures.

Outof the many questions asked by the students, here are the notable ones:

·        How to go about making projects for placements?

Morethan projects, a student should prioritize enhancing their knowledge and logicby thoroughly studying and practicing Data Structures and Algorithms. Thisensures logical soundness and is key for a student to tackle any sort ofquestions put in front of them at the time of their interviews.

Astudent should pick a language of their choice, which they favor, and learn itssyntax and applications. It is only after this that a student should aim tobuild a full-fledged project.

·        What programming language should one master for interviews?

Thereis no as such restriction. A student should go for the programming languagethey like. During coding rounds and interviews, candidates can answer usingtheir preferred languages. They could even go for providing a solution usingpseudo code. The logics are checked more than the mastery of a language.

·        What areas to focus in when preparing for coding rounds?

Besidesimplementation of data structures in programming languages, one should havethorough knowledge of arrays, strings and dynamic programming as these conceptsare the most frequently asked questions in coding rounds. One must also ensureoptimal time complexity in the code written by them.

Theymust also be able to explain the logic behind the code they wrote and areaswhere it can be optimized further as this could be enquired upon by theinterviewer.

·        What are the important concepts one should be aware of inDBMS?

Oneshould have sound knowledge of database normalization, schema and EERdesigning, and basic concepts of DBMS covered in the first few semesters.

·        What to choose between full stack web development and mobiledevelopment?

Itis better to go for full stack web development as web development, will alwaysstay in demand. Web applications are being favored over native mobileapplication, so by being a full stack developer one can have the best of bothworlds.