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JIMS Rohini organised Panel Discussion on Life without Social Media Bitter or better

Techinside(IT Department of JIMS) organized a Panel Discussion on the topic- Life without Social Media Bitter or better for first-year BCA students in Offline mode on 10thMarch 2022 at 11a.m; in the Seminar Hall (B302). Four panelists expressed their views on the topic, and one moderator coordinated the different opinions and made the discussion interactive with the audience.

The event was well promoted among all first-year BCA students and on social media platforms. The compassion with which our students attended and responded to our messages was overwhelming. 

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

This discussion was held to make the youth realize if they are using social media because they want to or because everyone is doing it. So is it even worth spending half the day on these platforms or is it just the influence of the peers, and then the question arises it even for any good at the end of the day, or its all bad!?Well, the discussion included all the related questions and different viewpoints of the panelists and the audience. The discussion lasted for an hour and was concluded with a few questions from the audience, and even a few were by the faculty.  

There were 4 panelists and one moderator in the discussion:

Moderator: Karman Arora

Panelist 1: Ritika Singh

Panelist 2: Priyanshu Mehta

Panelist 3: Isha Wadhawan

Panelist 4: Aditi Jain

Since the event was held offline, all covid protocols were duly followed. 



1.     The objective to conduct this discussion on the specific topic was to showcase the different viewpoints and opinions of all the panelists

2.     To make the audience analyze the power of social media, comparisons and recent news discussions on the same may be made it easier for the panelists to convey through the objective.

3.     To judge how worse or helpful it can become in the individual lives; how soon can one become addicted to it, or how can one make out a way of living while using it properly. In conclusion, it seemed like the panelists rightly delivered the objective.


PGDM JIMS Rohini, Delhi