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jims organised L' Euphoria


Ardour:The Cultural Club of JIMS organized L’Euphoria event on March 11,2022. Studentsof BBA, BCA and B.A. Eco(H), MCA took part in the explicative event.




·        Toprovide students with an opportunity and space to showcase their talents.

·        Totry develop creativity, critical thinking and imagination in the students.

·        Topave the path for students so that they can express themselves.

·        Tolet student, enjoy and engage with their mates in college.


The Event

The event comprised of Ramp Walk, TalentParade, and Photography under the umbrella of L’Euphoria. The event was full ofzeal and excitement. The event was scheduled from 12:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

A good number of responses were received fromthe students for this event. It was indeed a great experience to watch suchcreative and innovative students. All the acts were entertaining as well asamusing.




Message sent to students



It's time to re-ignite the fire within you - Brighter and Bolder. ?????????? : ?????? ???????????????? ???????? is back with another event  ??'???????????????? on *11th March'22at Centre Stage* from *12:30 P.M. onwards*


Just like a rainbow is formed from different colours, at L'Euphoria weintend to embrace various talents of students in different areas. Be itsinging, dancing, photography or fashion sense. The event has the followingevent!


*1. Fashion Show*


*_“Every day is a fashion show, and the world is the runway_”* 


So here we are, presenting you a platform to express the language offashion with style, swag, and originality. 


Prepare yourself to strut down the most awaited show of L' Euphoria 2022*Fashion Show* which is in Vogue this season!



 You must participate as a couple only.

 You must wear *Western Dresses or Indian Dresses* only and thedress should be colorful and vibrant.

 Only one person should register for the event.

 *Any form of obscenity will lead to the debarment of the team fromthe contest.*

Teams are responsible for their dresses and make-up. 

 Any participant resorting to unfair practices will be directlydisqualified from the challenge.

Any deviation from the above-mentioned guidelines will result in the disqualificationof the entire team.


*Last Date of Registration: 6th March' 22 (6:00 P.M)*

*Date of the event: 11th March'22*


*Note: It is mandatory to  come for practice on 8th and 9th Marchfor the ramp walk. Timing will be informed later. Register only if you havetime for practice! No excuses will be entertained later* 


*2. Talent Parade*


Dance and Music are the only language that anyone can understand. It’san art form through which person can express his thoughts and feelings. Weinvite vibrant, lively and dynamic youngsters to spread their energy onstage. 


So, all the participants who have significant spirit of performing inthe competition are welcome to join us.



 Competition is open for all.

 You can showcase any talent such as dance/singing/acting etc.

 You can participate solo or in group.

 Only group leader should register for the event in case of a groupentry.

 You must qualify the audition to compete in the  finale.

 Participants are free to choose any song(s) and dance style/songof their own liking.


*Date of Audition: 8th March'22* (Venue and time will be informed)

*Last Date of Registration: 7th March' 22 ( 6:00 P.M)*

*Date of the event: 11th March'22*


*3.Photography Event*


If you find yourself imagining a frame around everything you see, putyour skills to the test in the  Photography event! Capture the fervor oflife in your stills and bring them to life. After all, a picture is worth athousand words.



 Editing is not allowed.

 Competition is open for all.

 One photograph per person is allowed.

 The resolution of the image should be excellent.

The image must be in landscape format.

 Plagiarism will lead to immediate disqualification

 You must submit any picture(new/old) of the campus.

 Submission will be considered valid only if you are a follower ofSpectrum IG page(@spectrum_jims)


*Date of the event: 11th March'22*

*Last Date of Registration: 7th March' 22 ( 6:00 P.M)*


*All the winners will be awarded with trophies and certificates *


*Note: On the spot entries will not be considered in amy manner so makesure you register yourself before the event*


*Fill this form to register for the events *


*Faculty Coordinators*

Ms. Shivani Wadhwa

Dr. Disha Grover


*Student Coordinators:*

Ujjwal Goel: 7982978,635

Mansi Gupta: 8178813104


Mail sent to staff


Dear All


Greetings of the day!


It is rightly said 

 “Talent hits a target no oneelse can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

Arthur Schopenhauer  


Let's take some time out from our routine and enjoy the mostawaited event from Ardour- The Cultural Club 

The Club takes pride in inviting you all, for the L'Euphoria onFriday, March 11, 2022 from 12:30pm onwards at centre stage.


Highlights of the event:

The event includes three different categories:

1. Photography Competition 

2. Ramp Walk

3. Talent Hunt


Kindly grace the occasion with your benign presence and increase themotivation of the participating teams.



Learning Outcomes

This activity helped the students to showcasetheir flare and imagination power through the event organized for them.