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jims organised seeds of hope action exhibition

Weorganised an exhibition on spreading the awareness on Sustainable developmentGoals given by United Nations. It was done in collaboration with Bharat SokaGakkai (BSG).

Theexhibition started with welcome remarks and an introduction video on BSG. Thensome 24 panels were shared with the attendees and it was explained by the 1styear students of BBA BCA and 1st and 2nd year students ofBA Eco. We had a participation of 129 students and faculties with 12 volunteerstudents. These were given prior training over this in 2 sessions, where BSGrepresentatives were highly impressed with the student’s hard work, researchand dedication. The panels talked about the spirit and power of one singleindividual in making SDGs a reality. It talked about the interconnectedness ofhumans with their environment, the ongoing global crisis, threat to humanexistence with climate change, and finally linking it all to SDGs. Itencouraged everyone to overcome the feelings of powerlessness and reflect uponwhat steps one can take. 6 different case studies were discussed on how onesingle individual was enough to bring a change.

After the panelpresentation we had an open discussion with the students sharing their ideas onhow to implement SDGs personally under the guidance of Anamika Gupta. Anamikawas BSG representative at the exhibition. She is a national project officer atUNESCO. She shared her personal experiences of following a sustainable life.

Outcome: The exhibitionreceived positive feedbacks from attendees with renewed determination to followa sustainable life and conduct more such activities at our institution.Students even planned to have a SDG club for the same.

Studentsfrom BA Eco 2nd year created an encouragement video to invite theirpeers to this significant event.