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JIMS Rohini Organized Panel Discussion on REBUILDING INDIA POST PANDEMIC

Department of BA (economics) H   in association with Economics club of JIMS organized Panel Discussion on the topic "REBUILDING INDIA POST PANDEMIC". Where students of BA (eco) H are the panelists and discussed how India is recovering in every sector post pandemic .The event planned to boost the confidence of students and make them aware of real challenges faced by every sector during and post pandemic.

It was a very intercalative and knowledgeable discussion by the panelist’s student asked questions at the end of the discussion, panelists did cross counters among them .Overall it was a great experience and exposer to the students which will make them aware about the economic environment of the country.


To test the skills and knowledge and to impart strategizing skills, among students with such kind of discussion. This will help to boost the confidence.

Learning Outcomes: Students became familiar with various steps taken by the government to boost the economy and make them understand that a collective effort is required to rebuild the nation after pandemic.