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JIMS, Rohini organised an alumni session on the “Optimizing Linkedin Profile according to the Industry



JIMS, Rohini organised an alumni session on the topic “Optimizing Linkedin Profile according to theIndustry” for PGDM Retail Management students batch 2021-23 on 26thFebruary, 2022. The resource person was Ms. Sanchita Goel, Marketing Executive, BNPSInternational and alumnus PGDM RM batch 2019-21.


Over the years,LinkedIn has not only become a way to get hired or find talent but to build aprofessional network and a personal brand. Keeping these facts in mind,the session was conducted for the Retail Management batch.

The session started with Ms. Sanchita explaining the importance ofoptimisation of LinkedIn profile for more visibility and better chances ofgetting job opportunities.

She took the links of students’ linkedIn profiles and individuallyguided them according to the shortfalls in their profiles.

Apart from this, she also gave general guidelines about some lessexplored features of LinkedIn that help students, especially freshers, ingetting more noticed in the corporate world.

She explained that through these optimisation techniques, it will help students’ profile rankhigher in LinkedIn searches and build trust among those who might want toconnect or follow the