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JIMS Rohini Organized Guest Session on Dreams Versus Game Plan


Mr. Sudhir Arora (Co-founder of Yes2dreams, founder of Global BiZ IT consulting firm, Co-founder of Yes2StayingFit)

On 28th January 2022

In this chaotic world is it right to dream or do we only need a game plan to survive the storms heading our way? This question has often been asked by people of various ages and at many occasions. The answer is that, one needs to dream to carve a life for themselves. To elaborate more on the topic we had our esteemed guest Mr. Sudhir Arora who is the Chief Mentor and Co-founder of Yes2dreams, Founder of Global BiZ IT Consulting, Co-founder of Yes2StayingFit, and Ex Vice President of the Motherson group. He has immense knowledge and vast experience of more than a decade in corporate. He works with the Top most manufacturing facilities across the globes and helps them increase their efficiency. 

Mr. Sudhir educated the students on why dreaming is important and how a person can achieve the desired result. He also emphasized on the fact that age has nothing to do with being an entrepreneur. One can start their own business anytime they wish to. Not only that he calmly took up each and every question asked by the students and quoted appropriate examples to explain the topic to the students. He was very enthusiastic in his approach and students also enjoyed the session presented by him.