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JIMS Rohini Organized An Online Motivational Talk Session for PGDM Students

An online motivational talk session was organized by the Institution’s Innovation Council, JIMS Rohini on 20th November, 2021, Saturday from 5-6:30 PM via Zoom. 

The resource person, Devyani Swaroop was an Alumna of PGDM, JIMS. She is the founder of Helping Hands for Animals (Hospital and shelter for animals).

The talk was the full package of insights and the resource person discussed about her journey and how her ‘shelter come hospital’ was established. She told that it all started in 2015 with a vision to create a safe space for treating the animals with all kinds of diseases including the most hazardous and communicable ones about which no one was aware of, those are Parvo and Distemper. She gave the students a reality check by sharing her own experiences that how an individual needs to put aside his/her hesitation and take the initiative to do what they actually want to do. 

She shared her experience about taking sessions in various institutions and importance to have the right presentation of the idea otherwise it is going to get rejected no matter how good it is. Ms. Devyani’s own idea got rejected so many times before entering into the JIMS family and got rejected 6 times after coming to the JIMS but at the end all the patience and hardwork paid off and today she is at the heights of her career with a hunger to thrive more. Her ‘shelter come hospital’ is funded by organizations like NTPC and Value 360 and she is also working towards building a sanctuary and her Animal’s Ambulance idea. 

The students were completely impressed and motivated by her talk which was evident by the intensity of Question-Answer (Q&A) round. Many students also got aware about the working in this field and how our internal faculty (especially Dr. Pratima Daipuria ma’am and Dr. Avijit Chakraborty sir) supports and guides students at every step. It was a completely motivating and mesmerizing session and students will be looking forward towards more such sessions.