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JIMS Rohini Organised the IPL Auction 2.0.

On 18th September, Investofin, the Finance club of JIMS organised the IPL Auction 2.0. The event saw the participation of 16 teams. The first round conducted was the elimination round in which a rapid fire was conducted and 8 questions were asked. The selected teams moved into the next round.

2nd round was the main round where 8 teams selected had to make a team of 5 players out of a given budget (40 Crores). Every player was assigned a point (either 6, 8 or 10) and the team with the highest points was decided the winner. There was a lot of aggressive bidding for the players and in the middle of 2nd round there was a gibberish round on whose every correct answer gave that team 1 crore extra. The event was a great success & was also graced by the presence of Dr N.P. Singh. He also enlightened the crowd with his inspiring words.

The winners of the competition were Samar Singla (PGDM-A), Alok Pant (PGDM-C) & Love Agrawal (PGDM-C) and they received the prize money of ?3000. And the runner ups for the competition were Saurabh singh (PGDM-IB), Prateek Arora (PGDM-IB), Vipin Kumar (PGDM-IB) & they received Cash Prize.