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Ekyum- The Cultural Club of JIMS Rohini conducted an exciting event: Treasure Hunt

Ekyum- The Cultural Club of JIMS conducted an exciting Treasure Hunt event on the college campus on 29th September, 2021. 

The event started at 3:30 p.m., keeping the Covid related protocols in check. The event took a kick start with the teams gathering around the center stage where they were informed about the instructions for the hunt. 

The host for the event were- Radhika Wagh (PGDM – C, 2nd year), Rana Vasu (PGDM – A, 2nd year), Palak Arora (RM, 1st year), Shreya Shukla (PGDM – B, 1st year) & Bikramjeet Singh (IB, 1st year).

All the teams had to go through several exciting questions, tasks and riddles in different stages to complete the hunt. From solving puzzles to collecting stationery items to clicking pictures around the campus, the participants left no stone unturned to give their best into the competition. The vibrant set of students worked in great team spirit wanting to standout as the winner. The event not only was exhilarating for the participants but lifted up the vibrancy of the campus with laughter, joy and positivity. 

The event was to make the new batch of students feel thrilled to be a part of the institution and it can be said that the team found success in doing so. 

The event ended with announcing the top three teams who were the quickest to solve their last puzzle. After the success of this offline event, the Cultural Club is looking forward to conducting other such great events, hopefully on a larger scale.