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Guest Session on Your Attitude will decide your altitude

Personality grooming is an important component for the curriculum of the programme like PGDM. It has become very important to seek guidance from professionals who are acclaimed to be their domain experts and are well versed with Industry’s expectations. To fulfill the same PGDM-IB organised a Guest Session on 3rd September, 2021 to motivate the students and show them right path. The resource person of the session was Mr. Gaurav Vashisht who is Founder Green Decor which specializes in providing indoor and outdoor plants for home decor and business spaces. He initiated the session by motivating the students and shared his real life stories and experiences including his struggle.

Mr Gaurav shared his views on how he accomplished his mission of getting placement by showing his soft skills and intellectual. He emphasized on positive attitude which enables students to set a difference in the world around them. He further explained that remaining positive helps an individual to shape up their future well. “An attitude of gratitude will determine the level of altitude at which you are able to soar”


The session was filled with numerous queries. Students also took advice of the speaker on their business ideas. The students seemed to enjoy the session and were curious to know more about Mr. Gaurav Vashisht real life experience to which Mr Gaurav reverted with motivational quotes.