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JIMS Rohini Organised a NGO Visit @ Head Held High Foundation

Head Held High Foundation is an organisation to tackle humanity’s oldest and most persistent problem: poverty.

The organisation has a field presence that spans multiple states and rural locations across India. The poverty alleviation efforts in these communities include assessment, social protection, financial inclusion, training, skill building, livelihood creation and more. 

Students of PGDM-International Business (First Year) visited the Foundation at Faridabad with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm of doing something good for our community.

Mr Prashant, Organizer of North Region of HHH Foundation gave a brief introduction starting with History and the initiatives it has taken.

A case study of NGO Working for girl’s education and women empowerment after Bhuj earthquake was also discussed followed by a group discussion on Gender Equality.

Overall it was a unique experience for the students and they appreciated it.