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Webinar on A Journey from Potential to Performance

JIMS Rohini organized a Webinar on “A Journey from Potential to Performance” on 14th July, 2021 for PGDM-Retail Management students batch (2021-23). The Resource person was Mr. Suneel Keswani, Motivational Speaker.


“A prudent man is one who can tactfully channelize his potential into something prolific and make the best use of the day at hand”.


Mr. Keswani enlightened the students with the importance of time management, effective business communication skills and the adroitness of enjoying the journey while keeping an eye on the destination.

Mr. Keswani highlighted that the first step towards reaching one's maximum potential is the ‘Art of understanding oneself’. He started the session with an activity in which students had to discern five of their qualities and five weaknesses. By doing so, he discussed the importance of working on one’s weakness as well as honing the skills that align with their 'qualities'.

He motivated students to speak their mind out and not hold themselves back due to meager insecurities and fear of judgments.

While highlighting the benefits of being active and a go-getter, he taught the students a secret mantra to become successful in life, regardless the situation or the time: 'Be QUICK, ADAPTIVE AND ACTIVE'.

The insightful session, in addition to the jovial tenor of Mr. Suneel, was thoroughly enjoyed by the students and it made them introspect and rethink their old confining habits.