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JIMS Rohini organised a Alumni Session "Aspirations to Achievements"

PGDM department organized an alumni interaction for PGDM batch (2021-23) held on 31st July 2021 by Tanmeet Ahuja, Marketing Manager, BIGO, India & South Asia (PGDM batch 14-16); Surojit Bose, Regional Logistics head, Ultra tech Cement(PGDM batch 09-11); Shubham Grover, Suzuki Motorcycle Pvt Ltd (PGDM batch 18-20); Diksha Kapur, US taxation, Deloitte (PGDM batch 16-18) and session was moderated by Dr Deepti Kakar, Professor ,JIMS.

All the panelists who were a part of the JIMS family have been very interactive and gave students some valuable lessons and experience about corporate world and the MBA program.The discussion started when all the 4 panelists started telling their experiences about being in JIMS and being in the corporate world.  Students got to know that everything is important and everyone has to focus on practical aspects of life. The panelists suggested that students should look beyond books and learn more about their skills to survive in the corporate world.

After that, Dr. Deepti Kakar asked panelists about their extra-curricular activities.Through their point of view students actually realized the importance of it in their career. These activities actually enhance multi-tasking skills; event management skills; communication; etc.The panelists also motivated students about placement preparations. They said that there are 4’c which are important to crack any interview and that is content, communication, confidence and competition. They also said that one of the most important thing and that is “there is no replacement of academics”.


At last, the panelists talked about their challenging experiences of workplace and work -life balance. Students got really motivated with the words of all the 4 panelists. The session ended with a valuable lesson that “try to grow as an individual and keep calm.”

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini