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JIMS Rohini organised a Guest Session on "Power of LinkedIn"

PGDM department organised a Guest Session on “Power of LinkedIn” on 26th August 2021 for PGDM batch (2020-22) students by Ms Konark Adlakha, Global Learning Support Specialist, Signify JIMS Alumni of PGDM batch (2016-18). The aim of this session was to create awareness and to provide guidance regarding managing your LinkedIn Account professionally

The session began with the brief introduction of Ms. Konark Adlakha where she shared some insights about her career. Then there was “Guess the Logo” Game on the topic - Social Media Platforms. This made the session more interactive and interesting.

Then Ms. Adlakha introduced about LinkedIn, that it is a World’s Largest professional platform on the internet that helps people to grow personally and professionally in their career. She further added that the purpose of using LinkedIn is to build connections with the corporate world which will not only help to expand your leads but will also provide opportunities to get the right job and internship. It helps to enhance our knowledge and skills as LinkedIn offers number of free courses along with the certifications for a better reach. She added it can also be used to organize online, offline events, to write articles and blogs which will help individuals to prepare themselves for the corporate world.

She explained that LinkedIn should be used by individuals who are looking for jobs, internships, entrepreneurs who want to expand their business, corporate companies for wide reach. She further added that the steps to get started on LinkedIn are – to create your profile, build network, find job, participate in conversations and  post content on LinkedIn which will eventually  help an individual to manage their personal brand. She said that it is a great way of displaying a general history of your professional experiences and achievements.


Last but not the least she asked some questions as follows: “What is your objective to gain out of LinkedIn, What do you want to become (Future Job Profile), What are your Dream Companies.” Many students responded the above questions. She guided students that either they are going on right track, or not which created a sense of motivation and enthusiasm among the students. Not only this, at last she provided insights about hers LinkedIn account which create a good amount of awareness among the students to manage their LinkedIn account professionally for a bright career.

She concluded saying complete Linkedln profile can help up to connect with the opportunity. All in all, the session was very informative and enlightening.