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MANAGEMENT CONSULTING WORKSHOP on Attitude Decides Altitude: Change Begins from Within

(25thAugust – 27th August, 2021)

JIMS Rohini, Delhi organized a Managerial development program on “Attitude decides altitude: Change begins from within”for senior managers of Punjab & Sindh Bank. The workshop started on 25th August. The resource people for the day were Ms. Suneel keswani and Dr. Neha Shukla along with Ms. Sonal Pahwa.

The day started with a warm introduction and welcome by Dr. J K Goyal. His inspirational words were rejuvenating and revitalizing for all the attendees and gave a kick start to the event.

First session was with Prof. Suneel Keswani about how to grow and move ahead in life with a positive attitude in mind. He also gave insight that having consistency and discipline is most important part of life. If they keep doing the right things with a positive mind-set, things will move in the right way. Another value he shared was that you can’t change others mind-set or their actions in a situation but not letting it impact them deeply is what they should think. He told everyone to be happy and smile in every situation and greet everyone with happy and smiling face as it not only makes their day but also the person in front of them and maybe after that he/she would always remember you and your positive attitude.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

The second session was with Dr. Neha Shukla along with Ms. Sonal Pahwa. It was an interactive session wherein ma’am discussed about everyday challenges that participants come across in their work and how it affects their entire day. The feeling of sitting ideal the entire day without doing anything productive is what frustrates most of them. For many of them, the only mantra to deal with this is diverting their mind and being calm and composed and just think positive about what they are doing. For many of them their job has actually helped them to be more interactive and communicate better. They had a point of view that if their job doesn’t excite them, it is not actually made for them and it is very important to love the work they are doing to make it most productive and efficient

After this discussion, an activity was conducted to refresh the minds of participants and bring out creativity hidden in them. In this activity they were asked to make a tower out of limited amount of newspaper and other material like lights,stickers, etc. This was an activity done in groups so that all of them interact with each other and bring out something creative. The best part was when a group member from each group was inter-changed with other after the entire discussion. Basically, the purpose of this entire activity was to see the leadership skills, communication skills, adaptability, creativity and other qualities of all the individual participants.

PGDM JIMS Rohini, Delhi

In the first session of Harpreet K. Rakhra held on 26th August, 2021 on Personality behavior was done by a psychometric behavioral test where 16 kinds of personalities were explained that what kind of more skills, they need to inherit in them or they are already perfect with those skills they have.

In the second session held on 26th August 2021, Prof. S.C. Kapoor discoursed about Team Effectiveness. The objective of the session was to enhance work productivity, collaboration, teamwork, and leadership skills. The Proposed topics of discussion in the session were Interpersonal Relationships at the workplace, The Role of a Team Leader, Workplace Conflicts, and Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management Strategies.

A variety of tools were used for effective training to understand the various aspects of Team Effectiveness.All the Participants showed prodigious interest in all the tasks and management games. The session covered the self-assessment of team effectiveness of all the participants which was an eye-opener for all of them and the end a video was shown from the Movie Border where complete Management is shown. The session ended with a great learning experience for all participants.

JIMS Rohini Delhi

The resource persons of the session on Day 3 were Ms. Sonal Phawa & Ms. AnujaThakkar, Associate Professors at JIMS Rohini.

The event began with first session taken by Ms. Sonal Phawa, wherein she beautifully explained how to stay motivated, even when the things are not in your favour. The session proceeded with an activity, in which participants were given different real-life problems faced in corporate sector, and how they would have reacted in that situation then explained an ideal way to face the situation and to stay motivated even in the unfavorable situation.

In the second session, Dr. Anuja introduced the topic of emotional intelligence. The relevance of EQ given by her made everyone realise how ignorant they were of such a valuable aspect of life. She also talked about IQ v/s EQ and explained that success is driven more by EQ than by IQ. Importance of emotional intelligence in personal and professional life is tremendously great.

PGDM-RM JIMS Rohini, Delhi 110085

At the end of the workshop, the director, Dr. Pooja Jain gave the concluding speech and honoured all the attendees with the certificates. She gave valuable suggestions and appreciated all the organisersas well as the attendees. Overall, the workshop was a great success suggesting a better outlook at work and managing things better to man-oeuvre bigger accomplishments in life


Student Coordinators: Karan Luthra, Anuja, Rashi, Vanshika, Diksha, Pooja, Tanya, Kirtika Gupta,Kajal Jain, Ayushi Gupta, Sanjana Bhatotia, Akansha, Sakshi Bharadwaj, AnkitaNegi.

JIMS Rohini