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JIMS Rohini organised a Alumni Session on “Know Your Alumni” for PGDM-IB (2021-23)

Venturing on a new path can be sometimes nerve-wracking; a student can find himself lost with a plethora of doubts stacked up in his head. A mentor or rather an Alumnus who has already designed his/her own path could be the best guide for a lost soul. The Alumni of JIMS came forward to extend a warm welcome to the new students and throw some guiding light on the future they are about to face. The first and the most senior Alumni in the session Ms. Sneha Hissaria of the batch 2013-15 is an entrepreneur, she founded Nyari after working for 3 years with Vodafone. Her experience and journey of being a corporate worker and now an entrepreneur is awe-inspiring. She shared her insights on the workings of the corporate culture and took up all the queries the students had to ask. The second alumni for the day, Mr. Taffy Gill of batch 2014-15, is now a Manager-Customer Success at Web Engage. He shared his journey of studying at JIMS and successfully maneuvering through the corporate world. The students were not shy in asking their doubts on various topics and he too enthusiastically took up their queries and answered them. The last but not the least alumni for the day Mr. Sarthak Singh of Batch 2016-18, is a Tax Consultant at Deloitte. He provided the students with tips and advice on how they could find the path suited for them. With his own experience as a reference, he cautioned students to not laze around in the 2 years of their PGDM course. This session was interactive, inspirational, and educational for students and they were also eager to put forward their doubts and concern in front of the alumni.