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Jims Rohini club Creador organized an event “BAZAAR KI BAATCHEET”

“Selling stuff is easy, all you got to do is THINK, CONVINCE and SELL”
You must have seen in movies where a pool of entrepreneurs come together with their innovative ideas at one market platform (annual summit or exhibition) and pitch their ideas to the investors. It’s just like same situation in SAROJINI MARKET where different sellers sell their product and each of them has a unique style of selling to the customers. 

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini
Well, Creador, the retail club of Jims conducted such an event “BAZAAR KI BAATCHEET” on 23/03/21, where students in a group of 4-5 people were given a product/service (retail brands) which they need to market, innovate, negotiate and sell to the judges.
Their task was to think out of the box to create a slogan/ tagline on the chart paper to market their product. They had to design the products allotted to them and add innovation to it. The winners of this event were given the product “COMB” and “VENDING MACHINES” respectively. And both the teams added very creative and different innovations in their products along with slogans and taglines. The judges present at the event not only liked their creativity but also their unique style of pitching. 
These types of brainstorming event not only increase confidence level of management students but also make them good managers who can create a good strategy for their team.