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JIMS Rohini organised an Virtual Live Window Display for PGDM-RM students batch 2020-22

JIMS Rohini organised an Virtual Live Window Display for PGDM-Retail Management students batch 2020-22 on 15th April,2021 under the guidance of Ms. Smriti Saxena, Visiting Faculty-JIMS Rohini.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini
The student were asked to choose an international brand and created an accessory Window using a card-board box. They focused on the following concept note provided to them.
Type of window: Launch/Promotional/EOSS/Festive
Merchandise/Product: Casual/Ethnic/Formal/Party/Occasion Wear for Men/Women/Children
Branding: Brand Logo/Brand Personality
Mannequin: Type of mannequin and number of mannequins (if used)
Type of Display: One item/Line of goods/related merchandise/variety or assortment
Type of Display Setting: Realistic, Environmental, Semi-realistic, Fantasy, Abstract
Props Used: Material
Lights: Number of lights.
Focal Point of the window
 Text  1) Name of Season: Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter
       2) Window: Offer/New Collection/Look 
Students were asked to explain the idea that they finalized and how will it benefit the brand. Different themes were created by the students like Runaway (Jimmy Choo), Elegant and Sophisticated (Swarovski), Festive Season (Tiffany & Co), Wildlife (Ray Ban) and Different colors (Sketcher) etc. Their enthusiasm, efforts and  passion for presenting  the thoughts and concepts creatively through Virtual live display are commendable. Kudos! PGDM Retail Students.