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JIMS Rohini Organised Guest Session On "Goal setting for management students, moving beyond Covid and taking inspiration"

A Guest Session for the upcoming batch of PGDM-International Business was organized on 7th July 2021 with an objective of setting short term and long terms goals for the management students and stimulating the attitude of a “change maker” who are soon going to become a corporate professional. The keynote speaker was Mr Rishabh Tiwari (A Motivational Speaker) .The idea of the session was to provide a low key atmosphere to the students to get together once again after pandemic. 
The event started with a welcome note to the new batch by Mr. Rishabh with an interesting game. He asked the students about their objectives and goals, the reason behind opting for MBA, the importance of MBA in their career. Students shared their stories and journey towards making it happen to be an MBA aspirants 

Mr. Rishabh emphasized on setting at least one objective which can actually direct students to move towards one single direction .He connected the same with the clear goal and vision of Army officers and emphasized that students should have goal and vision in their life and they should focus on achieving the same. The session was followed by some motivation, meditation, exercises and games which helped the students to know their inner self. 
The session was ended with a note to live life happily towards achieving your goals.