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JIMS Rohini PGDM Department Organized an Online Pre-Orientation Session I on “The Purpose Driven Career: What am I meant to do?”

PGDM department organized a pre orientation session I on “ The purpose driven career: What am I meant to do ?” by Ms Himanshi Saini, Corporate Trainer- Soft Skills/ Personal Development Former Corporate Head- HR, Asahi India Glass Limited and JIMS alumni of PGDM batch ( 2014-16) on 8th July 2021.

The speaker focus on having a purpose-driven career means you place value and assign a sense of meaning to the work that you do and strive to make a difference in the world through your contributions. People who embrace this mindset provide a valuable benefit for themselves and society as a whole.  She brought our attention to this in a very simple and mindful way. 

She introduced the Japanese concept of IKIGAI, and students were supposed to ask some questions to themselves. These questions were really thought-provoking. The importance of introspection was clearly highlighted. Before keeping a step in the management sector it's highly important to manage one’s own potentials and get to know what makes you unique!

Furthermore, students gained clarity about the differences between talent, skill, interest, passion and values. Also, how the dots connect and how can we have meaningful career path ahead. Its quite necessary because everyone has their own field, and it's identification is paramount to flourish in the coming future. 
Overall the session was very engaging, informative and interactive. Looking forward for such sessions in future.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini