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Rekindling The Vintage organized by E-Club ‘Tarkash’

The Entrepreneurship Club of JIMS, Rohini, Sector-5 organised a fun activity named “Rekindling The Vintage” on 11th September’2017. The club received an overwhelming response from PGDM students. All the participants came with great ideas and were very creative in their approach. The activity began with a quiz round; wherein 10 teams out of 12 were shortlisted on the basis of logo identification. Each team got the chance to select a “vintage” product of their choice from the list provided by the E-cell team. 

The best part of the activity was the teams which could not get the opportunity to participate after the first round, formed a jury and helped Prof. Yukti Ahuja in judging the contest. This ensured the participative and competitive spirit amongst the students.  

After keeping various parameters in mind, the jury selected Team no. 4 as the winner who came up with the idea to relaunch “radio”. For the second position, there was a tie between team no. 3 & 7 who came up with the idea to re-launch “photo album” and “pocket watch” respectively.

Rekindling The Vintage organized by E-Club ‘Tarkash’
Entrepreneurship Club JIMS, Rohini Sector-5 Delhi
Name of the winners:-

1st Position: 1) Uddish  2) Jayendra  3) Aishwarya  4) Aman

2nd Position (Tie between 2 teams) :-

1)Megha  2) Jatin  3) Aashna  4) Shivam

1)Lovish  2) Umang  3) Ayush  4) Himanshu