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Jims Organized Founder Series Session - 1

The first session ofFounder’s series was conducted on January 29, 2022, Saturday from 5PM-6PM viaZoom platform by JIMS ROHINI– Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC). The teamtook this platform to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship by commencing thisseries where the aim is to guide students about the start-up culture and how tobecome an integral part of it. 

Ms.Akansha Bhargavfrom PGDM welcomed our 1st guest speaker Mr. Dhruvam Thaker, The Founder of Smart Taxi with all zeal andenthusiasm. He shared about hisexperience and how he rose from a beginner/fresher business to a personreceiving a silver medal in college and becoming a successful entrepreneur. On 5th Sept 2016,he started "The SMART Taxi" with just 1 cab in Ahmadabad whichhe was driving by himself, and today, The SMART Taxi has presence in 42 citiesacross India, with more than 920+ best maintained cabs, serving well knowncorporate houses & many individuals. He shared that instead of beingcalled as Founder; he always prefers to be called as "Oldest Taxi Driverof company" which reflected his down to earth and kind behaviour. Hisstory included all the downfalls and rising to the heights phases and he statedthat he will continues to thrive with a hunger of gaining more knowledge andlearning. He shared that he wants to be a speaker at TedX one day.

Thestudents were able to relate so much with him and out of curiosity they put upso many questions. He was a true inspiration for them and the students feltmotivated after the session. It was a synergistic session attended by 120students and all the council members. The feedback was positive and studentsare interested in more such sessions. Ms. Ankita Chopra and Ms. Shalini Guptathanked Mr. Dhruvam for sparing his time and motivating the students for theirentrepreneurial journey.


Giveawayof the session - “Be undeniably good. Nomarketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.”