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jims rohini organized Happiness week

A day without laughter is a day wasted. Happiness is not just a choice that we make, it’s a way how we can live in a better way. With this thought JIMS had a celebration of a whole week full from February 14-19, 2022 of fun activities and entertainment. 

The event saw a congregation of various events like Slogan writing, face painting, Self-Composed poetry, Poster making, musical instruments playing competition and others along with sessions from experts on topics like mental health and medical clowning.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini


The week started with an inspiring inauguration session on February 14 in an online platform. The session was graced by our esteemed guest of honor, Mr Yogesh Kochhar, CEO and creator of YourOneLife along with respected Director JIMS Dr Pooja Jain, Deans Dr Pratima Daipuria, Dr Yukti, Dr Deepika Saxena , faculty members and students.

YourOneLife, which is a happiness app that has been acknowledged by the UN and approved by AICTE for dissemination to over ten thousand higher-ed technical institutes in India. Mr Yogesh has a 30+ years of vast eclectic and corporate experience with some of the finest corporations across India, US, UAE, and UK cutting across industries, disciplines, and geographies, both nationally and internationally. He has built, supported, and transformed businesses, capacities and capabilities. He has now developed a unique happiness blockchain that has received acknowledgment from UN SDSN. Additionally, it has received approval from AICTE, the higher education regulator in India where 5ire provides the blockchain component and shall be offering NFTs to over 8 million higher ed students in India. He shall soon be announcing the happiness rankings of colleges in India. 

All the eminent persons shared their thoughts of wisdom. The students were able to relate so much with the interesting discussion and shared a lot of questions with the guest.

With this synergistic session, Happiness week began its journey.

PGDM JIMS Rohini, Delhi



It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness."

Charles Spurgeon

On Day 2, all the staff and the student members witnessed an enthusiastic event of “Expressions”. They participated with full vigour in events like Slogan writing, face painting, Self-Composed poetry, photography competition , Poster making to name a few. It was indeed a fun filled day. Dr Ruchika Gupta, JIMS faculty was the judge of the event. With a special recital by Dr Mashkur Zafar added to the energy. 

Participants were awarded with cash prizes and certificates as token of appreciation.

The entire audience took this opportunity to celebrate and cherish all happy moments during the celebration.

JIMS Rohini Delhi

DAY 3 

“Laughter is the best therapy”

In continuation with the celebration of Happiness, an insightful session by Ms. Sheetal Agarwal was conducted on “Laughter is the best therapy”

Ms Sheetal  is the founder of the Clownselors - a volunteer group engaged in medical clowning which is a therapy to aide in healing of children from ailments at Hospital and helping in relieving stress of parents, doctors and hospital staff using humor and play. On 27th January 2018 she was invited at the TEDx talk to speak about her Clownselors journey so far and the importance of medical clowning. 

Before she began with Clownselor in July, 2016 she had been into the teaching career as a visiting faculty in various Universities like Amity University, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and Indira Gandhi National Open University. Moreover, ma'am has also been into research related projects like - The Child Trust and FIAN Delhi, Women Power Connect. She also worked as a research Assistant in Indian Center for Migration, Center for Women's Development Studies and Indian Anthropology Association. 

Ms. Agarwal started the session by giving a brief introduction about Clownselors and how does a work in bringing happiness to the patients. She also interacted with the audience about how do we think that their laughter therapy would help them and how would this bring about a difference in their lives. She had a lot of activities during the session which made it more vibrant.  

PGDM-RM JIMS Rohini, Delhi 110085


It is always said that do whatever makes you happy and what could cheer you up more than watching a movie.

Jagan Institute of management Studies Celebrated “Happiness Week” from 14th February to 19th February 2022, by organising number of events for the students and faculty members and one of the events was movie screening. “The pursuit of Happiness” movie was played, A movie that teaches you about never giving up on your dreams. It was indeed a great a great movie and watching it together with everyone with yummy munchies made the event more memorable. Students really enjoyed the movie even more with treat of popcorn and pepsi.


Adding to one more day, in the free spirited event of happiness, we had a session on mental health with Dr Mahima Kapoor. This session was intended to explore the mystic depths of the mind. 

Dr. Mahima Kapoor have studied from Malulana Azad Medical College and have been a notable alumnus of Institute of Human Behavior and allied science, Delhi from where she completed ger post-graduation. She also holds a firm command in Adult Psychiatry, student mental health. Pioneer is also starting a peer group for student’s mental health in MAMC.

Whenever we talk about happiness or any other emotion we have, we all talk about mental health. And with every emotion that we have, we should all embrace then which is a positive sign of healthy mental state.. Minding the mind is one of the part of being happy it states that how one person can overcome the anxiety that they feel over the different period of time, how adopting a healthy life style can lead to mental peace which is the most important factor leads towards happiness. The common taboo of depression too needs to be addressed as it is becoming more Minding the minds also include being emotional available for the person who needs who in their difficult time period.

The session helped the audience to unfold various mysteries that a mind has. The problem of mental health is normally not a talked about issue. Dr Mahima really made it easier to discuss.