Specialisation: Data Structures and Databases
Email: [email protected]

Mr. Devesh Lowe

Asst. Professor - Information Technology

Devesh Lowe is currently working as Assistant Professor with JIMS, Sector-5 Rohini, New Delhi for past 5 years. Before joining at this profile, he had a work experience of 10 years in IT Industry and Academia. After starting his career in software development and Marketing for 1 year, he switched to academia and was associated with many colleges and universities like University of Delhi, NIFT, BVIMR, IAM, JIMS and IBMR as visiting faculty. Currently at JI...
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Faculty NameTopicJournal NameISSN No/D.o.i numberYearWeblink of the PaperScopus Indexed
Mr. Devesh LoweExtension to the WatchDog Algorithm: A Preventive approach for the Blackhole attacks in MANETSIJRECE 2348-22812018http://www.i2or-ijrece.com/vol.-6-issue-3--version-3-.html Indexed
Mr. Devesh LoweAn Overview of pricing models for using cloud services with analysis on pay-per-use modelInternational Journal of Engineering and Technology UAE2227-524X2018: https://www.sciencepubco.com/index.php/ijet/article/view/16035Scopus Indexed
Mr. Devesh LoweAn overview on MANET & AODV: Issues Security and AttacksInternational Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications ISSN 2321-3469. (UGC Approved Journal) Vol XI issu08/2017: http://www.ijcea.com/overview-manet-aodv-issues-security-attacks/ Other
Mr. Devesh LoweAnalysing E-learning: An experience with synchronous toolsInternational Journal of Engineering Technology management and ScienceISSN 2349-447607/2017http://www.ijetmas.com/admin/resources/project/paper/f201706111497183076.pdf Other
Mr. Devesh LoweA Study on Race Condition & Dynamic Data Race Detection TechniquesInternational Journal of Computer Sciences and EngineeringISSN: 2347-2693 Vol 7 issue 606/2019https://www.ijcseonline.org/pdf_paper_view.php?paper_id=4504&6-IJCSE-06010-11.pdfOther
Mr. Devesh LoweAsynchronous E-learning in India: A comparative study on NPTEL and Spoken tutorialsInternational Journal of Engineering Technology Science and Research ISSN 2394-3386 Vol 4 Issue 606/2017http://www.ijetsr.com/images/short_pdf/1498748626_cdac261_etsr.pdf Other
Mr. Devesh LoweUnfurling the Latest Patterns of Entertainment Consumption by Indian Audience: A Twitter Sentiment AnalysisInternational Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) ISSN: 2277-3878, Volume-7 Issue-6C, 04/2019https://www.ijrte.org/wp-content/uploads/papers/v7i6C/F90440476C19.pdfScopus Indexed