Dr. Praveen Arora

Professor- Information Technology

Specialisation: IT
Dr Praveen Arora has done MCA, M.Phil in Computer Science and completed her Ph.D degree in year 2011 from kurukshetra university, kurukshetra. She has a rich experience of 17 years in the industry as well as in Academia. She started her career as an Application Developer in Software industry in year 2001, worked there for 4 years and then joined JIMS in year 2005. She has been working as Head of Department - Information Technology since 2007.

She has written various research papers in the area of fuzzy logic in National and International journals and presented many research papers in national and international conferences. Her keen interest is in the area of programming,Data Structures and Fuzzy logic. 


  • Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
  • Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Fuzzy Logic, Programming

Research & Publication

  • “Frequent Itemsets from Multiple Datasets with Fuzzy data” - 2011
  • "Association Rule Mining For Multiple Tables With Fuzzy Taxonomic Structures" - 2010
  • “Generalized association rules for ER Models with Fuzzy data” - 2009
  • "New Model of Generalized Fuzzy Association Rules for Multiple Tables” - 2009
  • "Mining fuzzy generalized association rules for ER models”. - 2008

Management Development Programme


  • “Fuzzy Generalized Association Rules for Multiple Tables” by ALFALAH - 23/04/2008
  • “Efficient Algorithm for mining Fuzzy Association rules in Entity Relationship Modeled Databases” by IIT Delhi - 31 July - 2 Aug 2008
  • “Discovery of Fuzzy Association Rules for Entity Relationship Modeled Databases” by Panipat - 8, 9 Nov 2008
  • “Multi level fuzzy association rules for entity relationship models” by Bhartiya Vidyapeeth - 2008