Dr. Latika Kharb

Professor- Information Technology

Specialisation: Aspect Oriented Software Metrics & Testing

Latika Kharb has been working as a Professor in the Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS), Delhi, INDIA since 2013. Dr. Kharb earned a Ph.D before joining Jagan Institute of Management Studies. She started her teaching career as Lecturer in Department of Computer Science & Applications, M. D.University, Rohtak, Haryana followed by profiles of Deputy Dean (Academics), Head of Department: CSE and Head of Department: IT in some reputed Engineering Colleges in Haryana.

Dr. Kharb is also a member of Editorial Board/Review Board by the Board of Governors of  International Association of Scientific Innovation and Research (IASIR-UnitedStates), CSTA-ACM Computer Society, International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT-Singapore), SCIence and Engineering Institute (SCIEI-USA), The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC), International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA-USA), International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT), Global member of InternetSociety (USA/Switzerland), and BVICAM's BIJIT Springer Nature Journal and International Association of Engineering (IAENG). She served as a reviewer of IEEE, Springer, Elsevier and IGI Global journals  and conferences and worked as an advisory board member in national and international conferences.

She has been Editor of Two books with title Communications in Computer and Information Science with Springer. She is one of the shortlisted candidate for UGC organized Commonwealth Fellowship tenable in U.S.A(2004).  Dr. Kharb has been awarded with International Professional of the Year award by IBC, Britain in 2012.

 Several technical sessions in national and international conferences had been chaired by Dr. Kharb and she participated in various FDP, workshops, national and international conferences. Five conferences have been organized by Dr. Kharb with Springer and CSI sponsorship. Apart from teaching, researches in the areas of software engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Laws, Bioinformatics,Mobile Computing, Data Analytics, Computer Forensic Science, Nanotechnology,Cyber Medicine & Dentistry, Data Analytics are being carried over by Dr.Kharb. She has also contributed more than 101 papers/articles in national/international journals and conferences. She has contributed about seven Chapters in Scopus Indexed Books with Elsevier, CRC, Taylor & Francis, EAI-Springer with International and National Editors.





  • IAENG (The International Association of Engineers) UACEE (Universal Association of Computer and Electronics Engineers) IACSIT (International Association of Computer Science & Information Technology
  • BoR (Board of Reviewer) of: BIJIT: International Journal by BVICAM, Delhi; IASIR... Reviewer of USA/UK/India Journals: IJCSIS, IASIR, IAENG, CISME, JICS...
  • Research Discipline:Software Engineering " RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS: 61" [46 (published)+ 04 (in communication)+ 11 (under work)]
  • Software Metrics, Software Testing, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Laws, Bioinformatics to Access Biological Database & Gene Identification, Mobile Computing, Computer Forensic Science, Nanotechnology, Cyber Medicine & Dentistry, Autonomic Software Systems, Wearable Tech Arena, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Container Technology and many more...
  • Software Engineering,Artificial Intelligence,DBMS,Software Quality Management, Software Testing, Visual Programming, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Unmanned aerial vehicle, Multimedia, Wearable Tech Arena, Container Technology ...

Research & Publication

Management Development Programme

  • IT in IT by Banasthali University (NAAC A Grade University), Rajasthan, India - 6 Days
  • Wireless Networks Through ICT in ICT by NITTTR Chandigarh. - 5 Days:from 22 - 26 May, 2017
  • Internet Of Things,Big Data Tools & Neural Networks in Big Data by JIMS-Rohini - 5 Days: From 11th to 15th July,2017
  • Information Security & Digital Forensics: ISDF-2017 in IT by NSIT, Delhi - 5 - 9 June 2017


  • Reviewer in:ICIAICT 2012 in collaboration with CSI. (Software Engineering International Conference) by ICT, GBU, INDIA - 30-31 March 2012.
  • Convenor of:ICICCT-2016 in collaboration with CSI. by JIMS, DELHI - 14th May 2016
  • Paper Presentation: International Conference, UAE by MTMI, Dubai - 16-17 December 2017
  • Convenor of:International Conference ICICCT-2017 by Springer - 13 May 2017
  • Convenor of:International Conference ICICCT-2018 by Springer - 12 May 2018
  • Paper Presentation: IEEE International Conference by AMITY UNIVERSITY - January 11-12, 2018
  • International Conference on Inventive Communication and Computational Technologies by Springer - 04/29/2019 04/30/2019
  • ACTN 2019 by NIT, Jaipur - 06/20/2019 06/21/2019
  • International Conference on Recent Innovations in Computing by Springer - 03/08/2019 03/09/2019
  • International Conference on Smart and Intelligent Learning for Information Optimization by Scopus - 06/08/2019 06/09/2019