Inter College Fest VERVE

In a bid to promote the hidden talent of the students and celebrate the zeal of the youth a Two Day Annual Inter College Techno Management Cultural Fest- VERVE is organized. The event is a synergy of the youth creativity and talent quotient. It is a hustle bustle affair with gamut of events rolled to test talent and mental ability, logical thinking, spontaneity and knowledge. A number of events and competitions catering to a variety of disciplines such as music, literature, dance, poetry, theatre, fashion and business quiz are a part of this fest. All in all it is a fun filled event jelled with glamour and amalgamation of cerebral grilling, eloquent vision, creative palette and euphoric extravaganza.

Sno Event Date Title
1 23/02/2018 Verve 2K18
2 03/03/2017 Verve 2K17
3 26/02/2016 Verve 2K16
4 01/03/2014 Verve 2K14
5 24/03/2011 Verve 2011
6 25/03/2010 Verve 2010
7 20/03/2008 Verve 2008
8 22/03/2007 Verve 2007
9 23/03/2006 Verve 2006