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Digital Marketing - A New Recruit's Approach

Mr. Manu Nanda (MD at Wacom ltd.) sharedhis rich experience in Digital Marketing with the students of PGDM 2014-16. Hed iscussed different aspects of Digital Marketing- from where to initiate and how it works in the market. He shared the actions or steps to be taken when we enter in this field. These are –

Action Level 1-

Under stand the product – We need to understand in which type of product the company is dealing. Is it really needs digital marketing or not.

Under stand the Brand-   Understanding the brand is very important aspect in every marketer’s life.

Under stand the organisation-   Under stand the organisation especially sales and marketing of the organisation.

Action Level 2-

Meet the customers and understand how they had searched, bought and consumed. Estimate target audience behaviour.

Action Level 3-

Meet channel partners and learn how the buy , pitch and sell.

Action Level 4-

Understand the brand’s current digital marketing activity

Remember to initially work with existing asset i.e not to waste money for new resources


Sales support – Give support to the sales team i.e sales person because they are the only one who are in direct interact with the customers .

Lead Generation - Is your company doing any SEM ; traffic and customer journey .

Though every company wants that customer to visit their official website and place order. They have to queue the traffic if there are many visitors on it.

He talked about the social media’s reach. Advertisement on Facebook , Linkedin and twitter through pages becomes very easy and reach in seconds to everyone.  Landing pages play a crucial role in digital marketing which directly lands to the official website.

Brand Building

Content Writing Ability – This is the job which every marketer has to go through . The content must be appropriate and attract the readers.

Real Action

What is central to all Digital Marketing?

It is the brand’s website   
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