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The students of PGDM-Retail Management batch (2020-22) were fortunate to be part of an alumni session conducted by Mr. Raghav Gupta, Entrepreneur, Legit Jeans and alumnus PGDM-RM (batch-2017-19) on 17th August 2020 . He is a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, who was kind enough to spare some time and shared his wisdom on the ongoing pandemic and how various businesses are being affected by the same.

The session started on a light note with a brief introduction after which Raghav told about his business and his struggle through this phase. Later on, the discussion moved towards various aids / initiatives taken by the government in order to protect Indian business from going through major losses. He also discussed how the new education policy which was recently announced by the Ministry of Education is going to help the students. The students were very interactive in the discussion as they were aware of major initiatives taken during the pandemic but getting insights from someone who is a part of the massive Indian market brought more light to the entire subject.

By the end of the session, students were not only more aware of the current situation and its effects on various sectors but were also lucky enough to receive life advices from him such as giving as many interviews as possible, becoming a part of multiple group discussions to enhance one’s knowledge, confident enough to enter the Indian market and many more. Raghav also talked about his college experience and how he seized every opportunity JIMS provided him. The students showed gratitude towards him and are looking forward to more such sessions in the coming future.