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JIMS Rohini Alumni Session on Insights on Data

The session started with her fine experiences in Jagan Institute Of Management Studies. She expressed her journey from a class representative to a Financial modeller with a Big 4 firm. She further lead the discussion towards the specialisation where she explained the methods to analyse a data with few examples on searching and using said data in the right manner which can make a huge impact in our business or the organisation that we work into .The discussion was followed by how to manage your time during this two year programme. She continued sharing her experience by sharing different phases she had to go through while being interviewed with many companies. Students learnt how to groom themselves within this tenure and prepare for the interviews. She also gave insights on what kind of courses/certifications can be taken within finance specialisation. A student should be ready with appropriate knowledge irrespective of the field he/she has taken.

It was very interactive session with lots of queries which were answered. Students clarified many of their doubts.