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JIMS Rohini organised Workshop on Artificial Intelligence enabled Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is of the fastest growing technology that is transforming every facet of our lives today. It is faster, accurate and fair. 

A glimpse of the intervention in the field of Recruitment was provided through a very value adding, interesting and enlightening session On 20th Feb, 2023 by Mr Rupak Agarwal, CEO evueme.  He is an entrepreneur and an Alumnus of IIM Bangalore. His work has been recognized by IIM Ahmedabad, NASSCOM, NHRD Network and other illustrious bodies of the country. Presently his platform and technique is being also used for recruitment purposes by many of the corporates from the management and technology institutes.

During the session the students were introduced to the concept of AI, including the benefits, applications, scope challenges and opportunities. In the workshop mode students were given opportunity to use the platform for undergoing tests on various skills. These questions are usually related to the job requirements and are designed to assess the candidate’s problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills.

The AI also analysed the candidates’ responses on language skills and tone. Mr Rupak Agarwal also explained the benefit of AI interviews, including their ability to save time, resources and to reduce bias in the recruitment process. The results of the class were processed and shown to the students, which was very enlightening. The future of Recruitment surely lies in using AI based technology.