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JIMS Rohini Organized HR Summit 2022 on Redefining the New World of Work

HR summit 2022 was organized by the Samanvay Club of PGDM Department, JIMS sector 5, Rohini on November 12,2022 at PHD Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi on the theme, “Redefining the new world of work” which champions flexibility, collaboration, innovation, and productivity.

The program began with lamp lighting and seeking blessings from Almighty. After a brief introduction The Keynote Speaker for the Summit Ms. Harpreet Datta (Talent Acquisition and Management, GMR Group, New Delhi) enlightened the audience on the importance of fundamental learnings and how it would help in the overall success in life. She also spoke about the belief in oneself and also specific functional competencies which are mandatory in the new world of work.

The Chief Guest of the Summit Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma (CEO & Founder, Paytm) then addressed the audience. He highlighted the importance of knowledge and how it cannot be substituted with any other skill sets. He shared his entrepreneurial journey and how one should follow his dream and work consistently towards achieving it. Mr. Sharma interacted with the audience and addressed their questions regarding the importance of communication as a essential skill set for future growth.  

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini
The Summit aimed at touching upon various territories of the constantly evolving HR domain and panel discussions were held on the following 2 themes- 

•Leader’s Dialogue | Employee Engagement: Eliminating Quiet Quitting
1.Mr. Neeraj Mehra| VP HR| Infogain
2.Mr. Debargha Deb| National Manager Sales HR India| Dabur
3.Mr. Pradyumna Pandey| CHRO| Mother Dairy
4.Mr. Ashish Garg | Managing Director and Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group.
5.Mr. Ankit Kalonia | L &D Director, JLL(Moderator)

The moderator Mr. Ankit Kalonia sought deliberations from the panel regarding the changing dynamics of employee engagement and how generational cohorts impact engagement policies of an organization. The panel discussions highlighted that “Quiet quitting” is a new name for an old phenomenon—employee disengagement. It does not happen overnight but occurs over time as an individual becomes disillusioned with the organisation's perceived disinterest in them. Rather than resigning in a sudden and surreptitious manner, as the term implies, quiet quitting instead refers to an employee making a conscious, concerted effort to scale back their output at work. However constant feedbacks and regular open forums help in identifying the signs of quitting and tend to resolve them. 

•Spotlight Session | Revisiting the New Age Skills for Future Managers
1.Mr. Madhu Raghunath| Sr. President & COO, Group Head-HR, TVS Chennai
2.Ms. Shubhra Sahey| Group HR Head| JBM
3.Mr. Mussarat Hussain | Maruti – Head Leadership
4.Mr. Khalid Raza | Associate Vice President, Talent Acquisition, PeopleStrong
5.4. Mr. Deepak Behl| Founder & CEO| Astra Protection Group

The moderator Mr. Deepak Behl identified the specific issues and concerns of the young managers and also discussed the essential skill sets with the panel members. The session sought deliberations on which skills will become more important for people and organizations to thrive in this digital age. The panel members insisted that the more these young professionals are supported in honing these skills, the more likely they’ll be able to build a better future for themselves and their organizations. 

Overall the HR Summit 2022 was a pool of Learnings and an excellent opportunity for all the students to get onto a marathon of brainstorming and understanding some of the best practices in HR. The audience got deep insights into these contemporary issues and explored new contours of emerging HR dimensions in the New “BANI" (Brittle; Anxious; Non Linear & Incomprehensible) world of work. 

PGDM JIMS Rohini, Delhi