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JIMS Rohini organized E-SUMMIT 2021

E-Summit 2021 was organized by the Institution’s Innovation Council, JIMS Rohini on 11th December 2021, Saturday from 9.00 AM – 4.00 PM at Laxmi Pat Auditorium, Ph.D. House. The Summit seeks to facilitate interaction among industrialists, funding agencies, seasoned and upcoming entrepreneurs, academia and students. It was the stage for future Industry leaders and Entrepreneurs to exercise their skills. We at E Summit believe that this trait of an entrepreneur should be celebrated. Our intention in having this theme is to honor the startups which showed a great amount of resilience during these tough times as well as promote this quality among young students of the nation.

    Our chief guest, Dr. Neharika Vohra (the Vice-Chancellor, Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship University) was welcomed by Dr. Pooja Jain (Director, JIMS) along with Mr. Manish Gupta( Chairman, JIMS)

    Dr. Neharika Vohra addressed the audience and mentioned a few important life lessons that will help all the students in achieving heights in their professional life.

    Mr. Anurag Srivastava, proud alumnus of Jims, was then felicitated for his achievement for being listed under Forbes 30 under 30.

    The talk was the full package of insights, he discussed his journey and shared his experiences. He enlightened the students by sharing his own experiences that how an individual needs to put aside his/her hesitation and take the initiative to do what they want to do.

    Then the session was followed by other tracks in line.

    Track -1 (Entrepreneurial Ecosystem)

    The track 1 was based on theme ‘Entrepreneurial Ecosystem’. It is a blend of social, economic, cultural and political components within a region and it is created with various elements to support and develop which helps to grow business start-ups. The moderator for this panel was Dr. Munish Jindal (CEO, HoverRobotix) and other eminent panelists were – Mr.Sam Baisla (CEO of Decodr Technologies, Brand Samosa), Mr. Sandeep Jain (founder of GeeksforGeeks) and Mr. Naveen Kumar (Ceo of Payottam, Navshali Innovations). The panellists landed upon different topics related to business ventures and start-ups. They also shared their inspiring stories and challenges which they had faced in becoming successful entrepreneur. They emphasized the fact that building a strong, sustainable startup ecosystem is the need of the hour and all startups should work towards this goal.

    Track – 2 (From Eureka to Unicorns)

    Session 2 was themed as “From Eureka to Unicorns”, special guests that joined us for this event and made the event a huge success by being a part of it were Mr.Prashant Piti (CEO of, Founder and CEO of Profoundly and NearGroup.) and Dr. Nancy Juneja (CEO, RevUp and MentorX). EaseMyTrip is India's latest entrant to the unicorn club with USD 1 Billion market cap.The session indeed was very insightful and informative and definitely grew a new sense in our audience to look at entrepreneurship with a new perspective and gained a lot of clarity about the path by listening to their experiences and knowledge over the years. They discussed how startups should shift their focus from a pure valuation game to create solutions of real value to the people of India. They spoke about how startups in India should focus on building ventures that strengthen India’s infrastructure as a nation and although this might not be an easy task, it would lead to creating a positive impact to the people in the long run.

    Track – 3 (Green Entrepreneurship)

    Green Entrepreneurship was the theme for track 3. Panel of speakers who contributed in making the seminar so informative included Mr. Virendra Sharma ( AIM- Mentor; NITI AAYOG, Govt. Of India & Co-founder @KUMPEL) , Mr. Arjun Singh ( Founder; Rath Foundation), Dr. Devjyoti Mohanty(CEO-AIC; Nalanda University) and Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma (CEO; Energy Efficient Environment Group). Also, the most crucial part of the discussion was played by the moderator of given track, i.e., Dr. Avijit Chakravarti (Faculty, JIMS) who addressed various problems and facts that needed discussion and further action.

    The panel talked about how an entrepreneur maintains balance between sustainability and profitability, is it bad to make profits or does it depend on its usage. The panel added that social cause is something which the promoter should feel from within. It was emphasized that it is very important to constantly innovate to have a positive impact on the society as unique ideas makes profit which could be used to give back to the society but without expecting much in return. The panel also threw light on the importance and role of Incubation Centre’s in contributing to this issue.

    It was observed that the panel took keen interest in the topic and very well explained how we could take it forward. Also, the audience was able to fetch crucial knowledge from the interaction which was very evident while the Q&A round.

    After the speaker sessions, the participants got the opportunity to interact with each other and get first hand insights from the speakers for the event.

    The benefits to students from E-SUMMIT 2021 are as follows:

    •Great interactions with the successful Entrepreneurs

    •Becoming aware of the latest trends in the Business Management

    •Students learnt the eye and nay of starting a business

    •Met the Bigwigs of different business

    •Facilitated the Knowledge Exchange

    •Had a conversation with the Co- Businessmen around the world

    •Collaborations between the industries and academics