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JIMS Sector-5, Rohini organised A workshop on Mental Well-Being'

On the 8th of July, 2022, a workshop on 'Mental Well-Being' was organized as part of the Orientation Week for the 2022-2024 batch of PGDM students of Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Sector 5, Rohini. This session aimed to create a free space for people to bring out their inner clowns and explore themselves through expression and humor.

The keynote speaker for the event was Ms. Sheetal Agarwal, the founder of Clownselors, a volunteer-based group specializing in medical clowning. The group, dressed up as clowns, interact and perform different acts for children and adults, using humor to expedite the healing process. Ms. Agarwal, who is a sociologist by training, and an expert in distraction therapy, raised awareness about issues like stress, anxiety, and depression, and how to deal with them effectively. She also removed the audience's misconceptions about mental health and introduced healthy ways of dealing with adversity.

The highlights of the day, however, were the delightful array of cooperative games, designed particularly to disengage the audience from inhibitions and any built-up stress. One can be certain that Ms. Agarwal's lessons on the benefits of laughter, self-love, and the importance of good mental health will have a long-lasting impact on the audience.