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jims rohini organized annual managment seminar-surge 2022

To create an interfacebetween the professionals and students at the undergraduate level to help themclosely understand management related issues, develop business acumen andprepare them for the challenges that lie ahead in their careers 


The 7th Management Annual SeminarSURGE 2K22 of Jagan Institute of Management Studies was organised on February19, 2022 on online mode. The speakers of the event were Mr. Ajay Jain-DivisionHead-Apollo Tyres, Mr. Bheem Reddy-Associate Director-Indian Navy, Mr. Murari KSingh-Director Start-up Venture- Attic Salt Creations, Mr. Varun Kesarvani-Senior Manager- Ezetap Mobile Solutions.

 The event was started by a welcome note fromDr. Praveen Arora, Dean IPU affiliated Programs followed by a welcome address fromDr. Pooja Jain, Director, Jagan Institute of Management Studies.

TechnicalSession 1

Speaker 1-Mr. Ajay Jain

The day's first speaker was MrAjay Jain-Division Head- Apollo Tyres. Mr Jain started his talk describing thejourney of Apollo Tyres towards Sustainability, covering the major areas likeClimate Change, Biodiversity Loss, Natural Resource Crisis, Human-EnvironmentDamage keeping in view the Green Practices adopted in the present world. Hislecture emphasized the impact of green practices on the economy, society andenvironment and how to achieve a sustainable business ecosystem throughresource efficiency, environment-friendly material, pollution control and the3R principle.

He also mentioned the flagshipprograms launched by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, including Standards andLabelling (S&L), Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC), Perform Achieveand Trade (PAT), SME Programmes, State Designated Agencies (SDA), Demand SidedManagement (DMA). His talk extensively focused on the sustainable techniques ofWater Mapping, Alternative Resources, and Biodiversity Conservation led byApollo Tyres. The lectures were followed by a QnA section from the students,who made the session interactive and engaging.

Speaker 2-Mr. Bheem Reddy

The secondspeaker of the day was Mr. Bheem Reddy, Associate Director of InformationTechnology, Indian Navy. Mr Reddy started the session by talking about thetopic ‘Sustainability in the Digital Age’. He covered some important topicslike Importance of Sustainability, What is Green IT, Sustainability in thecontext of IT, E-Waste Management. He also added Data Statistics to explain thepractices more effectively.

Furthermore togive more clarity on this topic he added some examples for the attendees thatcan motivate them to do something on an individual level for the society. Thisincludes examples of Banyan Nation, Afroz Shah (Beach Cleaning Drive), PradeepSangvan (Healing Himalayan Foundation), Econtiture (Furniture from RecycledWaste), Eat Raja (World’s First zero waste Juice shop), Indian Navy Beach CleanUp Drive etc.

He ended the session by the Quotethat “Together We Can” & everyone really felt motivated through Mr. Reddy’sexamples & Quote. The session was concluded with a Q&A session from thestudents, which made the session more engaging. Also Mr. Reddy added his viewsregarding the joining procedure of Indian Navy which is now easy as compared tothat some years ago & this question was one of the common questions amongstudents. The session ended on a positive note.


TechnicalSession 2

Speaker 1-Mr. Murari K Singh

The thirdspeaker of the day was Mr Murari Singh, a CA and director of his Start-UpVenture Attic Salt Creations. Mr Singh provided insights about the greenpractices in finance. He started why sustainability is essential for abusiness, concept of sustainability. Then he took into account the changes in environmentand development. Further, his lecture talked about the Global Initiatives takenby the United Nations, sustainable development goals by the UN, Paris ClimateAccord 2015 and their impacts worldwide.

He also gavean insight into the type of investment we will need to implement suchpractices. The students were made aware of the interdependency of SDG’s andgreen finance, green finance and accounting, do and don’t about the greenpractices, the return to investment on such methods, the implementation of theframework.

The sessionthen explained the current scenario of green finance in India, the marketstructure in the country, and the concept of green accounting. In the end, MrSingh took the students' queries and ended the session on a positive note!

Speaker 2-Mr. Varun Kesarwani

The last speaker of the 7thmanagement annual seminar SURGE 2022 was Mr Varun Kesarwani, an alumni of JIMSholding more than 10 years of experience in the field of banking,advertisement, e-commerce and Fintech and currently working as a Senior Managerat Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mr Kesarwani initiated his seminar bytalking about green practices and why it has become important to follow them intoday's scenario. He further quoted many examples of the Indian companies whohave been following green practices like Indian Railways, ONGC, SBI, Wipro etc.The emphasis was given to some nations who are leading the greenway includingCostarica, Denmark, France, Iceland and Sweden.

He also gave an insight intocarbon credit accounting. Further, he talked about the 4 P's of marketing aboutgreen practices including green product, green price, green place and greenpromotion. He also added how you can participate in some green practices whenat the workplace.

At last, He also talked aboutDigital payments and discussed in depth whether these are considered green ornot. In the end, Mr Kesarwani answered numerous questions asked by the studentsand it turned out to be an interactive session.


In all the events, the studentswere educated about the green practices related to the various segments.Indeed, it was an insightful session that enhanced their




Thestudents were exposed to various green practices followed in different domainof business like Finance, Marketing, IT for sustainable growth. The students were educated about the green practices andalso encouraged how they can make difference to society by following certainsmall things leading to sustainable development.