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jims rohini organized Technowhiz 2022-7th Annual infotech symposium

Department of InformationTechnology organized its 7th Annual infotech symposium TechnoWhiz2022 on Saturday, 19th February 2022 in virtual mode via ZoomPlatform. Theme of this year Technowhiz was “Role of Information Technology in Renewable and Sustainable Energy”.

The event started at 10 am with anaudience of more than 140 technocrats and students. In the inaugural and firsttechnical session, proceedings were started by Mr Devesh Lowe, AssistantProfessor (Department of IT). After a brief introduction to JIMS andTechnowhiz, Dr. Praveen Arora (Dean of IPU affiliated programs) was invited todeliver a welcome address. Dr Praveen emphasized the need of Information Technologyin every sector. She highlighted the role of IT in Wind turbine, solar energyand energy requirements in daily life. Dr. Praveen officially welcomed thegathering and all guest speakers at the symposium. Dr Pooja Jain (Director,JIMS) also addressed the gathering and focused on relevance of clean energy andits practical usage. Dr. Jain highlighted the energy needs of developing anddeveloped economies and how this attitude towards sustainable energy haschanged in past two decades.

Technical session-I was carriedforward by Technical Speaker-I Mr VikramJeet Singh, Associate partner with KPMG India. He is a senior executivewith more than two decades of experience. During his speech, he focussed onmany areas like design transformation, how technology is overshadowing markets,need of renewable power, technology adoption in renewable sector etc. He alsofocussed on predictive modelling, data analytics, and growing demand ofprofessionals and investment in energy sector.

His discussions were carriedforward by second Technical speaker -II MrVivek Kumar Jain, Senior Principal Technology Architect at Infosys. Hedirected his talk on practical aspect of using IT in energy sector. His visionof energy in generation, transmission and distribution and all the flaws thesesectors have highlighted in the past, deeply impated audience mind. His viewson digital transformation, blockchain, cloud and IoT with special reference toquantum computing and its impact on fulfilling the gap areas of energyrequirements helped everyone understand this need of the hour.

Technical session II started withan inaugural address and introduction of panellist by the moderator Ms.Aakanksha Chopra,(Assistant Professor- Department of IT). Session opened withthe address of Technical Speaker-III, Mr Kartik Sharma, co-founder ofDcode-AI. His address was focussed on impact of artificial intelligence and AIbased devices in day-to-day life and people with energy needs. He used simpleexamples to demonstrate the concern of the world towards renewable energy andsustainable energy.

Session was carried forward byTechnical Speaker-IV, Mr Japneet Singh Chawla, Senior member oftechnical staff at Lambda Test, and JIMS Alumni of 2016 batch. Mr Chawlaprimarily narrated the impact of AI/ML in a global supply chain perspective, bypresenting a case study where ML has created, and help in cutting energyrequirements.

Both sessions were highlyinteractive and informative. Each session was followed by a Q&A session inwhich many students and faculty members queried about projects, placementoffers and growth of IT in energy sector. Overall TechnoWhiz 2022 was highlysuccessful which recorded participation of more than 170 undergraduatestudents.



1.      This symposium opened new doors for young minds tocontinue on the path of evolution, and enable our next generation to live inworld free of pollution.

2.      TechnoWhiz 2022 helped studentsgaining knowledge about green computing.