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JIMS Rohini Organized a Guest Session on “Financial Literacy”

PGDM department has organized a guest session on “Financial Literacy” for PGDM batch (2021-23) Sec B students on 24th Nov, 2021 by Mr. Puneet Oberoi, CFP, Founder of Excellent Investor Advisor, Finadwise. The speaker made the students understand the concept of investment. It was an eye-opening session for the students as they got to know the realities and possibilities in the field of investment. 

Why are we always short of money? – it’s because of our monthly expenses. Basics of financial literacy begin with knowing your expenses. Write them down, even the smallest of them. Mr. Puneet discussed – how to manage own expenses, identifying actual asset classes that we should invest in, identifying our real goals and understanding investments & Mutual Funds. 

Undeniably, we chase returns while investing.  We do this without focusing on the asset class we are investing into. Not just cutting down unnecessary expenses will help, we need to put our money to work for our self. A typical man in Indian society saves to build a house, or for their children education which can be done using loans but neglect planning for retirement for which nobody will provide us loan. Then, we need to prepare for contingencies as well. We learnt a lot about investing in mutual funds 

On whole, it is paramount to know what to plan for, how to plan for it and importantly the future possibilities of all this. He highlighted “Know your targets – spend accordingly”, which was indeed what the present generation needs to take care of. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session and actively participated. The advices we received are totally practical and a lot of students will incorporate them in their lives.

It was an informative session for the students.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini