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JIMS Rohini Organized Ice Breaking Session On Building Brand of your Buddy

JIMS Rohini organized an ice breaking session on “Building Brand of your Buddy” on 31st July, 2021 for PGDM-Retail Management students batch (2021-23). The Resource person was Dr. Anju Chawla, Emotional Intelligence Coach & Trainer and JIMS alumnus batch 2002-04.

"We are all brands. That means, we all have a unique quality with which our peers associate us." With these lines, Dr. Anju, commenced the session on how students can build themselves as a brand.

She conducted a very interactive session full of amazing and fun activities that forced students to look deep inside their minds and souls and figure out who they actually are.

Eg: She asked students whether they want to go into their past or the future. Through this they self-introspected their deepest desires and regrets and what they have to subconsciously focusing on their minds. In addition to this, she asked them one animal they want to be for the day. Decoding their answers by concentrating on why they chose that specific animal was really eye opening for them. Through such mind exercises and her affinity, the session had a peaceful aura in it that ushered students towards letting their guards down and being more vocal about themselves. They were then divided into groups of 3 wherein each person had to intricately describe his/her achievement and the other two would have to listen carefully and state 2 qualities that they gathered from that narrative. All of these activities helped students gain a lot of self-confidence. It also served as a perspective shift from being repetitive and shallow into being more mindful, accepting and forgiving to themselves. They also got to interact a lot with their classmates and know, and respect each other a lot more than before.

Overall, it was a fun session full of small activities and lots of interaction.