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Webinar On The Exciting World of Retail – Promise of a Bright Future

“Thinking proactively and dynamically to cope with ever changing life, is something one can’t do without. Just like our lives are so dynamic, so is the retail world”.

JIMS Rohini organized a Webinar on “The Exciting World of Retail – Promise of a Bright Future” on 20th July, 2021 for PGDM-Retail Management students batch (2021-23). The Resource person was Mr. Vivek Nanda, Ex. National Sales Head, Sharp Business.
He enlightened the students with the flexible nature of retail businesses and how they survive and stand the test of time. Recognising the latest needs and trends among the consumers is the key to be among the industry leaders (Paytm flourishing after Demonetisation in India, Opportunities for small businesses to expand their customer base after the growing trend of online shopping during quarantine in 2020, etc).

He gave various examples that turned the spotlight towards the innovative, thoughtful and vast world of Retail; to state a few: In order to attract time crunched shoppers, the e-commerce giant, Amazon has introduced its own unique, cashier-less convenience store, wherein the shoppers can simply take what they want to buy and walk out, with the system automatically charging them for the items they left with, without the need to stand in a queue for billing.
Apart from innovation and technology, he also discussed examples of how various businesses moulded their products to keep pace with the ever-changing times. It was a very interactive and insightful session that gave the students a glimpse into the amazing, expansive and definitely, EXCITING world of Retail.