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Alumni Guest Session On Ways to incorporate a New Business in India

“Business opportunities arelike buses, there's always another one coming.”

-Richard Branson


Moving along the same theme, JIMS Rohini organised a session on ‘Ways toincorporate a New Business in India’ on 6th September, 2021 forPGDM- Retail Management students batch 2021-23. The Resource person was Mr. Raghav Gupta,Entrepreneur, Legit Jeans and Alumnus PGDM-RM Batch 2017-19.

Mr. Raghav explained how thereis always an inflow of demand in the market and hence a vast array ofopportunities at any given time. He motivated students to dream and never todownplay their ideas and achievements. He gave insights to students about hisacademics and work experience. He explained what challenges he had to face andhow he overcame them all to make his business successful and profitable.

Further, he explained variouskinds of taxes and intermediaries that new businesses have to deal with andother aspects of an entrepreneurial life that no one talks about often.


It was a very insightfulsession that inspired students to dream big and never to hold themselves back.