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Webinar on Being Uncomfortable is the Path to Success

JIMS Rohini organized a webinar on “Being Uncomfortable is the path to success”on 3rd July, 2021 for PGDM-Retail Management students batch(2021-23) by Mr. Gaurav Vashisht ,Founder of Green Decor and Alumnus JIMS PGDM batch 2004-06.

The objective of the workshop was to build positive attitude among students towards their life and career. Mr. Gaurav emphasized on various personality traits and behavioral aspects which play a vital role in attitude building of a student. He focused that students should never waste their time as the time which gets passed never comes back. They should try to upgrade themselves and can make today better than yesterday. He illustrated that one should always learn from the mistakes and failures, as these failures are the path to success, also try to set the routines and go out of the way to make things as easy as possible. Students were given various real life situations and examples which helped them to understand the appropriate behavior and right attitude towards life for growth and success.

At the end, Mr. Gaurav said “Our attitude will decide our altitude in life”.If student wants to find growth and success in their life, then they all need to get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves.

The session was not a lecture but more of an interaction between students and alumnus and students enjoyed a lot with great learning.