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JIMS Rohini organised a Guest Session on Navigating business challenges through cases

The session held on 20th July, 2021 was taken by Dr Gurpreet Kour on Navigating Business challenges faced by every entrepreneur using real-life examples in various case studies. The Session was a very interactive and the students of PGDM Batch 2021-23 took part actively giving responses and participating in the topic.

The session helped a lot to cover up the facts on the business challenges and how things work in business and how to face the challenging situations, how to tackle with the environment and the workplace.

Dr Gurpreet taught us how solving case studies helps in better understanding. She covered up all the key areas, facts, challenges which occur or may occur in any business. The case studies were informative and they included the existing brands and the challenges they face and how they tackle to solve the situation.We all know some of us will someday land up in corporate sector and through cases we realize the real world problem and provided the programmatic and actionable solutions to the challenges and hard situations that the business face. We learnt the applications and actionable solutions that can be applied in any situation that may arise in future. Dr Gurpreet taught the students, how we can work better to solve a case and deal with the challenges like market perception and western style preferences. She also explained the right way to read a case and how we can persuade others in a case to accept the solution suggested. Through in depth evaluation – We can identify strength and weaknesses of any business in the market or of any subject. Through Problem Diagnosis we can identify the root cause of problem described.

The session also included a round of several questions and answers and simultaneous discussion that helped all of us sharing ideas and clarifying on doubts regarding them. In this current pandemic condition, the online Zoom meeting sessions have been helpful for us before the formal commencement of classes.

The session was a extremely helpful in our preparation for the classroom subsequent learning and eventually the corporate sector.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini