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JIMS Rohini organised a workshop on "Personal Branding & Growth Mindeset"

PGDM department organised a workshop on “ Personal Branding & growth mindset “ by Ms Hima Praveen, a certified life coach and co-founder of Meraqi consulting agency for PGDM batch (2021-23) students on 27th July 2021 explained students about building themselves as a brand. Personal branding, she says, is about our values, ethics, what we stand for, what we aim for and how we portray & communicate these aspects to the outside world.She also emphasized on the concept of ‘Johari window’ and how it is useful to identify our blind spots which are essential for the growth.  Character is the root of brand and skills which we develop according to different situations that helps us to enhance our brand value. Personal branding is important so that one can stand out from the crowd; it also gives a competitive edge. It is used to build credibility in the market and ultimately achieve our dream career.

The concept of 3C’s of personal branding is very crucial while building your brand. The 3C’s are Character, Clarity and Consistency. Character is our values, ethics, strengths etc. Clarity is what message we want to deliver to the society through our brand. However, being consistent is the key for building ourselves as a brand. We have to be authentic, real so that we can have a tone of consistency.

Our mindset is a part of our character. There are two types of mindset one is fixed mindset and the other is growth mindset.People with fixed mindset desire to look smart and therefore they avoid new challenges whereas people with growth mindset desire to learn and are ready to embrace new challenges. People with growth mindset tends to reach higher level of achievements because they learn from criticism and make efforts for becoming better versions of themselves which people with fixed mindset don’t do. As a result, the growth mindset people fully explore their potential.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini

We are living in a digital era, so it is important to build ourselves as a digital brand. The concept of 3C’s will also be applied in digital branding. We are required to stay updated on all of our social media accounts. Create and curate engaging content and share that regularly. While posting or creating any content, we have to be careful that it is done in positive light.  Staying consistent, interacting within groups is vital. This will help us in our digital branding.

Pitching is also an important part of branding. We should be able to pitch ourselves even in 30 seconds that the person listening to us pitch becomes curious and is ready to entertain. Our short term goals are guiding steps in creating our vision and will help us to explore our potential.

The speaker very well defined us the process as well as all the elements which will be required to build and present ourselves as a brand. It was an interactive and informative session. The teachings of this session will definitely benefit the students in the long run.