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JIMS Rohini organized a workshop on " The application of the Fundamentals of Management" for PGDM-RM students batch (2020-22)

A path breaking and innovative workshop titled "The application of the Fundamentals of Management" was organized at the JIMS Rohini campus on 26th February,2021 for PGDM - Retail Management students batch ( 2020-22). The resource Person was Mr. Soumitra Mookherjee, Senior Management Consultant and Visiting Professor-JIMS.

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini
The students were divided into groups of 5 members each, and each team was responsible for identifying a business venture of their own, which could be any business apart from Organized Retailing. Each team had a leader who precipitated collaborative efforts from his other team members to ensure that the project work and presentation was done smoothly and meaningfully.
The objective of this workshop was to assess how well the students could apply what they have learnt in their core management subject Fundamentals of Management and Organization Behavior into the real life practical situation; and forecast and create a vision for taking their considered business venture to new heights of excellence. The core concepts considered for discussions include the following:

1. Vision, Mission and Objectives
2. The elements of planning
3. The allocation and organization of critical resources 
4. The decision on staffing 
5. The structure to define the direction setting and leadership spirit 
6. Methods adopted for executing control mechanisms to prevent deviations from targets and the objective specified

There were in total 6 teams, where each team referred to an innovative business venture, applied the core essence of the above principles and made a 15 minutes presentation on what they have learnt and how these concepts can be suitably applied in their business settings. Every single member had to contribute, participate and deliver a portion of the presentation.

This was an inclusive and collaborative workshop providing a thrust on application oriented learning comprising the basic core aspects of the fundamentals of management.