Alumni Interaction Forum MCA

“En-route to Success” on 09th March, 2013

At: Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Sector-5, Rohini, New Delhi-85.

Jagan Institute of Management Studies successfully launched “ALUMNI INTERACTION FORUM” for MCA program on Saturday, 09th March, 2013. The forum was planned with the initiative to enhance interaction on various IT related topics.

The objective of the forum is to:-

  • To provide a platform for interaction between the Alumni, in a informal environment
  • To encourage grapevine conversation where the Alumni drop in to relax, with the assurance that they will meet only other alumni and people with similar backgrounds and inclinations
  • To provide a platform for the Alumni residing abroad or outside Delhi to meet their other Alumni Friends
  • To encourage other cities in India, to start similar JIMS Alumni clubs, and develop reciprocal relationships.

Speakers at the forum were:

  • Mr. Karan Thakur – (2003-2006) MCA Batch – Tech SME , NCR Corporation India Pvt Ltd
  • Ms. Taruna Aggarwal – (2003-2006) MCA Batch- Senior Software Engineer, Aricent Group, Gurgaon
  • Ms. Shweta Mithal-(2003-2006) MCA Batch-Sr. Software Quality Engineer, One Shield

Prof R.P Maheshwari, Director General, JIMS initiated the discussion by terming the rich base of JIMS ALUMNUS as BRAND AMBASSADORS.

Further, Dr. J.K Goyal, Director, JIMS discussed the importance of the forum where he discussed with the students about the essence of interacting with our rich base of Alumnus.

Further, our key speaker Ms Taruna Aggarwal – Alumni (2003-2006) MCA, initiated the forum sharing some of her life experiences and explaining the different phases of life. She gave an explanation of the real facets of corporate terming it as REALITY SHOCK which is experienced in corporate life. She explained the characteristics of a professional who follows time management and is motivated to perform to attain success.

Our second speaker at the session was Mr. Karan Thakur – Alumni (2003-2006) MCA, where he explained the process of selection and the instances faced at the time of facing an interview. He explained the essence of Hard Work and Smart Work.

Further, our last speaker Ms. Shweta Mithal- Alumni (2003-2006) MCA, explained the idea of never being a quitter and always a winner. She explained the essence of working hard towards attaining the goal. She gave some of her life instances and shared her experiences with the MCA students of working towards attaining success and goals in life.

All our speakers stressed on the will of Determination, Dedication and Discipline which are the three steps towards attaining success in life.

Further the rendezvous with the students took place where they shared and interacted and cleared all their queries which would prove beneficial for them in their final placements.

Lastly the Vote of Thanks was given by C. Komalavalli, Associate Professor, JIMS. Overall the forum was a fruitful experience to share, interact and express the ideas and creative instincts.