MCA Alumni Interaction Forum Session II

“ANDROID TECHNOLOGY” on 17th August, 2013

At: Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Sector-5, Rohini, New Delhi-85.

Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Sector 5, Rohini, Delhi organized its Second Alumni Interaction Session for MCA students on Saturday, August 17, 2013 at its campus. The topic chosen was the apt one “ANDROID TECHNOLOGY”, which interests more than 70% of the population, as every month around six to eight Android Phones are released and millions are shipped and sold.

The session started with the Lamp Lighting Ceremony by the dignitaries Hon. Prof R. P. Maheshwari, Director General, JIMS; Hon. Dr. J.K. Goyal, Director, JIMS, & Hon. Dr. V.B. Aggarwal, Director, Info Tech. Further Dr. V.B. Aggarwal, Director, Info Tech, JIMS welcomed the faculty members and introduced the speakers for the session.

Dr. Aggarwal also added “sessions like these have utmost relevance for the students pursuing professional courses as such sessions enhance the knowledge quotient of the students and are an excellent platform for current students to interact with the JIMS Alumni.”

The Key Note Speakers of the session were:

  • Gautam Bhalla, Technical Trainer – J2 EE & PHP, Aptech
  • Aakriti Khurana, Senior Software Test Engineer, NIIT

Mr. Gautam Bhalla started the session by introducing Android as the world’s most powerful mobile platform. Android - The Talk of the Town, gives stiff competition to Apple’s iPhone and is said to almost remove our trusted Symbian OS from the market.


Further he added “Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world and also increased the employment opportunities in the IT Sector where software developers are powering up Android devices with various apps, games, and other digital content.

The co-speaker Ms. Aakriti Khurana talked about “Android” continuously pushing the boundaries of hardware and software forward to bring new capabilities to users and developers. Android innovation has enabled developers to build powerful, differentiated applications that use the latest mobile technologies.

During the session, students were also acquainted with various new concepts like

Open Handset Alliance – a consortium of companies like Google, HTC, Sony, Samsung, Nextel, T-Mobile. It is a group of 84 technology and mobile companies which have come together to accelerate innovation in Mobile Technology. These companies are licensed to deploy handsets and services using the Android Platform.

Google Play - The premier marketplace for selling and distributing Android apps.

The speakers closed the session by stating The Future with Android – which is very bright with everyday more than 1 million new Android devices being activated worldwide and 1.5 billion downloads a month and growing from Google Play and thus offering excellent employment opportunities to the youth.

The Session overall was very informative and was appreciated by the JIMS students and faculty members.