Ms. Manpreet Kaur

Asst Professor- Information Technology

Specialisation: Finance & HR
Ms. Manpreet kaur is an Assistant Professor at Jagan Institute of Management Studies,Rohini. She has been associated with JIMS since 2011.Ms kaur is JRF UGC-NET,a Gold medalist in PGDM (Finance) and MBA.She has a teaching experience of over 7 years and taught as a visiting faculty in various institutes affiliated from GGSIPU.


  • Finance- Efficiency of Stock Markets.
  • -Financial Management, Financial Accounting,International Finance,Statistics, Operations Research, Human Resource Management.

Research & Publication

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Management Development Programme

  • Faculty Development Program (FDP) On Advance Research tools and techniques in Research by Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute,Dwarka. - 06 days