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Vision & Mission of the Institute


To be an Institute of Academic Excellence with total commitment to quality education and research in Management and Information Technology with a holistic concern for better life, environment and society


To serve the society and improve the quality of life by imparting high quality education in management and information technology,providing training and development services,fostering research, giving consultancy services to industry and disseminating knowledge through the publication of books, journals and magazines


We at Jagan Institute of Management Studies are committed to provide quality management education, bearing in mind expressed and implied needs of the students, society and industry.

We aim at providing on a permanent basis facilities for the students to achieve academic excellence for employability as world class managers and entrepreneurs.

Department of Management


To be a department of excellence in management education, widely known for the development of competent and socially responsible business leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers.

  • To impart established and contemporary management knowledge
  • To synchronize concepts, logic and skills for effective business decision making
  • To encourage entrepreneurial environment and nurture innovative ideas
  • To foster research and provide consultancy service to the corporate
  • To promote awareness towards social issues through various group activities and events.
Programme Educational Objectives
  • To develop technical competence in various functional domains such as Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, International Business, and Retail
  • To ensure Employability and exponential career growth of students.
  • To sharpen decision making skills to ensure sustainability in competitive business environment
  • To develop socially responsible corporate citizens.
  • To impart entrepreneurial skills to establish and run successful business ventures.
  • To imbibe confidence and improve personality of the students through regular individual and group activities, Presentations, Role plays and Personality development & Communication sessions
  • Improve the campus environment by building effective relationship among faculty, student and alumni.
  • To impart and disseminate knowledge through innovative pedagogy to develop the future business leaders.
Programme Outcomes
  • Expected to understand theoretical framework of management fundamentals
  • Expected to apply programme learning to practical business situations
  • Expected to demonstrate appropriate behavioral dimensions at work place
  • Ability to identify, analyze, present business issues and make quantitative and qualitative decisions in the respective specialization
  • Ability to use relevant IT tools

Department of Information Technology


The vision of the IT Department is to develop the next generation of high quality information technology professionals to cater to the needs of the IT sector.


The department strives for nurturing quality professionals who are committed and self-motivated with specific skills and to prepare the students for diverse work in a global environment

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